Monday, 29 June 2009

Arlesey Nature Reserve

Nice, but very warm, stroll round arlesey nature reserve and nearby fishing lakes.

Not a huge number of birds but the grey wag family are still about:at least 2 garden warblers
1 sedge warbler
moorhen feeding young:There were pleanty of butterflies about including..

Small Tortoiseshell
Red admiral
Meadow Brown
Small Skipper
Large Skipper
Painted Lady
Large white
Small White
Comma:Marbled White:Dragonflies:

Black-tailed skimmer:
Brown Hawker
Broad bodied chaser

Red eyed (these were very common):
Blue tailed
Common Blue
Azure blue
White legged damsel (i think):
Banded demoiselle:There was the smallest jack pike I have ever seen as well, about 4 inches long:Lots of large carp, stocked of course:From an area in herts I was amazed by the number of corvids at one spot (pics only showing some of the flock):All the best,


shirl said...

Hi there Dan, via links and comments I have arrived at your blog! Just wanted to say you've got some fantastic photos and thanks for sharing them :-D

Daniel Trim said...

Thanks shirl much appreciated :-)