Thursday, 4 June 2009

The New Forest and Hurst Castle

Had a great time in The New Forest.

Great close views of Redstart:We were very Lucky with a fly over female goshawk:and later distant views of a honey buzzard, you can't see in these pics but the bird had the characteristic barred primaries:3 Pipit species throughout the day; meadow, rock and tree (in that order):On the insect front I have encountered many different species recently

The best was probably the Glanville Fritillary:But also at hurst castle there were...
Common Blue:Cream-spot Tiger Moth:Painted Ladies:Around key haven I photographed many different odonata to work out what they are at home, Below is a female azure damsel which I first thought was a southern due to the marking on segment 2 :-( :Blue tailed damselflies were interesting with the polymorphism observed in the females, I think I got a pic of 3 morphs so here goes:
typica:infuscans-obsoleta:but they might all be completely wrong!

EmporerDragonfly:Red Eyed Damselflies:Seen here apparently attacking a mating pair of large red damselflies:Close up of a four spotted chaser:Large Red Damselfly:Keeled Skimmers were patrolling the heath:and finally a spotted heath orchid:


Katie said...

Superb! Very jealous...

Anonymous said...

Deeply jealous.

Ours 12 year old son wants to go to Hurst Castle so it looks like a day out soon with the camera's and ex Head Keeper Lyndhurst Grandpa is in order...

Those fritillaries are beautiful!

G said...

superb. love the dragons and damsels. What's the kit?

Daniel Trim said...

Cheers Katie, ramtopsrac and G,

the frits really are lovely well worth the long walk!

G- i use a canon eos 40D and a canon 300mm f4. if I can get close enough i'll use my 17-75 sigma DC macro but mostly the 300mm is good as I don't scare the insects off with it!

Cheers for reading, should be lots of updates as I have finished exams!!


Anonymous said...

What a great variety of observations, brilliant photos - whetting my apetite for a trip to Hurst Castle, too. Bit of a walk, I gather..

The Early Birder said...

Dropped by for the 1st time. Great series of pics especially the dragons & damsels. Cheers Frank.

Daniel Trim said...

Thanks for taking the time to read rambling rob and early birder,

glad you like the photos :-),

the walk to hurst is a fair slog but nothing the hope of seeing a glanville couldn't over come, well worth it!



Billy said...

You certainly know your damsel/dragonflies very well, Dan! Well done with the Glanville Fritillery as well!

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