Thursday, 25 June 2009

some insects and terns..

I have not had that many chances to get out recently as we are conducting the big house clean up in hope for the safe return of our deposits!
Anyway here are a few pics from recent days, nothing too exciting but I was pleased with the marbled white as it was the only shot I got of it before the camera ran out of battery!!!!! Something I have never let happen before, so was a little annoyed!

Marbled White:Comma:Black Tailed Skimmer:Common Blue Damselfly:In addition to this there were several very young grass snakes at lakeside and recently at botley wood I had lovely views of 3 white admirals but they refused to land.

Back home tomorrow for good which is both sad and exciting as I get to start earning money and buying more camera bits and bobs :-D

A few other shots of the terns from keyhaven -

Common Tern (first pic shows the shrimps they were feeding on):Little Tern (I was most pleased with the last one here):

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