Saturday, 15 August 2009

Arlesey Nature Reserve

First trapping away from the garden since getting back off hols and a few nice mothts were caught.

Some are probably common but having not caught them before it's always exciting:

Large yellow underwing:Old lady (we caught 7):Poplar hawkmoth (seem to be fairly common here):Pebble hooktip:Green Carpet:
Setaceous Hebrew Character:Willow Beauty:Beautiful China mark:I think this is a caddis fly of some sort but it was most interesting and we caught loads of them:
Also in the trap there was a rosel's bush cricket.

And finally proof that persistence is paying off as Lauren is starting to take an interest in wildlife: That's a common wainscot on her nose by the way!

All the best,


Saturday, 1 August 2009

new moths for me..

I have been trapping pretty much non-stop with only one nights break and have encountered a fair few new species :)

Trapping in Ed's garden and surroundng fields/woods in Stotfold:

Agapeta hamana:Common Carpet:Double Square Dot:Flame Shoulder:Willow Beauty:Lime speck pug:Mouse moth:Pandemis heparana:Riband wave:The Dun-Bar:The Spectacle:Yellow Shell:
Arlesey Old Moat NR:

Poplar Hawkmoth (we caught 3 in one night!!)Swallow Prominent:Rosey Rustic:
Also a few from the garden. I didn't get pics becasue they flew away but last night I caught 2 diamond back moths and a rush veneer which I believe are migrants.
Scarce footman:Garden carpet:common carpet:Some type of plume moth:RUBY TIGER (catch of the night!!):a tatty Double striped pug:Woodworm pug:
please let me know if I have any of the IDs wrong or if you can be more specific with some of my vague IDs as I am still learning :)