Tuesday, 14 December 2010


Had a great day in Hants last Sunday with 5 birding team members present!

We visited Hurst Beach first hoping to see the Lapland bunts and we weren’t disappointed. One showed really well in the stuble field there;

There were also good numbers of skylark and reed bunting in the field;

Rock pipits were feeding along the shore line and always make nice photographic subjects;

The highlight for me though was the good sized flock of dunlin that were feeding in the mud and bathing in the river there. I got down in the mud and managed to get a decent distant from them in some lovely light:

We also did some photography at Denny Wood but several merciless attacks from a horse meant nothing great was achieved. I am happy with the great spot one though;

I can’t wait to get out again with the new 500mm!!!


Monday, 6 December 2010

Woburn Waxwings

I was due to go xmas shopping with Loz and thought this was a great time to pop in and see the Woburn Waxwings on route!

On the way there it was a little gloomy and not really photography weather so I had a quick look at the birds then headed off to MK to shop till I drop (which is normally about 1 minute into the trip!)

On the way back there was some really nice light so we popped back to see them. After Lauren had spent 40 mins in topshop it only seemed fair!!!

here are the results;

and a token starlin shot:
definatly worth a return trip at some point if they hand about!

Norfolk again...

Had a decent trip to Norfolk at the weekend with most of my photos taken at Salthouse;

Dunlin (there loads of them here - 30+):

Avocet (an injured individual):Turnstone:
And a mealy redpoll and wren from Wells Wood:


Wednesday, 1 December 2010