Tuesday, 8 July 2008

This is the boat we used to get across to the island where the common terns and black headed gulls are nesting. Also there are good numbers of tufty nests and one lesser black backed gull nest. The boat only takes 3 at a time and has one oar which made it fun in the wind today!!
Myself with one of the common tern chicks, we were colour and metal (BTO ring) ringing the tern chicks. Around 10 we caught today and 15 before.
A very mature tern chick still without a ring which was a good find on the island and a good catch as it can likely fly at this stage!!
The sky at broom near the sand martin roost, very impressive and a great end to an enjoyable evening.

Tern/Gull ringing at Broom GP

Nice evening ringing at Broom, with lots of common terns and black headed gull chicks to be rung. Also the sand martin roost there this evening was huge with many birds circuling over head and into to willow saplings. Was a good opportunity to try the new camera and get some pics of the action, nothing spectacular but only have a 'kit' lense for now!