Sunday, 11 December 2011

If you go down to the woods today...

Few photos from Stockgrove CP - hoping to spend more time there so expect some more soon!


Tuesday, 25 October 2011

A Few Re-Edits

I've re-edited a few old files...

hope you like!

Monday, 17 October 2011

Purple Patch

I recently spent 3 days birding in Norfolk, mainly chasing rarities but we did stumble across a few confiding migrants.

One day was spent walking to the end of Blakeney point. Any of you who have done this will know that it is man’s greatest physical endurance test!! (ahem)

Anyway, we weren’t having much luck on the rarities front so decided to go and see the seals! Whilst at the point I scan a group of flying Sanderling only to see that they had a friend with them – a purple sandpiper.

They have to be one of my favourite waders because they are both very photogenic and very confiding. This individual was unusually flighty when it was with the Sanderling but it eventually left them and flew in right next to me where I enjoy a long period of time photographing it having a feed on the shoreline, enjoy….

And to top it off we jammed into a Richard's pipit on the walk back!!

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Mantis Macro

So, about a month ago I promised some mantis they are!

All taken in Turkey with a 1Ds mrk 2 and the non-IS 100mm 2.8 macro..

(this next one was with my sigma DC macro...)

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Turkey July 2011

I've just retured from 2 weeks in Bodrum on a family holiday - had a fantastic time!

As any birder will know a 'family holiday' means you have to put in a few early mornings then try and sell a far away area to non-birders (normally by making stuff up; like there is a good clothes shop there etc) just so you can go there yourself!

I must be honest, I only had one morning birding and then 2 half days so the list from the trip isn't very impressive and neither are the photos! The majority are record shots but I did connect with some fantastic birds that I never anticipated seeing, especially in mid summer in 40 degrees!

I managed to get 12 lifers if the Steppe Buzzard is indeed one (it probs isn't though - take a look and let me know!). The biggest misses were; Roller, Black headed bunting, Kruplers nuthatch, Finsch's Wheatear and Pied Kingfisher.

Here is what lifers I did see;

Syrian Woodpecker - A complete surpirse as it flew past me calling then landed in a distant tree.

Cinereous Bunting - located a few in the hills surrounding Izmir.

Rock Nuthatch - thought I was going to miss out on this but on the last outing I bumped into a pair near Izmir, what great birds (very noisy and very active!).

Rock Partridge - located just outside Bodrum, very flighty!

Great Spotted Cuckoo - one seen whilst working a river near Bodrum airport.

White-Throated Kindfisher - pair seen just before the GSCuckoo - massive noisy things!

Rufous Bush Robin - several seen in the scrub along the river near the airport.

Masked Shrike - seen from the car on an unstopable motorway! really frustrating as it was a fanstastic looking bird!

Pygmy Cormorant - distant views on Bafa Lake

Dalmatian Pelican - distant views on Bafa Lake

White throated Robin - stunning male seen in flight in the hills surround Ismir. Female perched briefly but both were really flighty.

And now for some record shots:

Rock Nuthatch:
Cinereous Bunting:

Black Eared Wheatear (juv):

European Bee-eater:

Greater Flamingos:

Great Spotted Cuckoo:

Little Owl:

Dalmatian Pelican:

Red-Rumped Swallow:

Rufous Bush Robin (first photo shows it with agama lizard):

Steppe Buzzrd?? not sure about this and I'm mainly going on distribution - help please!?

Syrian Woodpecker:


White Breasted Kingfisher (dreadful photo - I know!):

I did get some photos I was happy with. They were all of praying mantids though. I found 4 throughout the holiday including 2 big adults! Those photos will be in a seperate post soon...

I'm happy with my bird sightings over the holiday considering the time I had availble and the time of year! I think it would be great to visit in spring and I'm sure somewhere along the line I will go back for a proper birding trip with the guys!

Blogging drought!!

Wow - apologies for the blogging drought!

let me explain before I get into my Turkey post...

I had a 7D but unfortunately, due to water damage, it is no longer with us. I struggled to decide what I should get next and 'ummed' and 'ahhed' about getting a 1D mark 4 for a bit but it's just too much money for me right now.

So after much pondering I went for the canon 1Ds mrk 2 - it cost me roless than a new 7D and battery grip so I'm appy about that! It's taken a bit of getting used to but I'm finally getting to grips with it and realising the benefit of a 1D set-up. The image quality is much better than the 7D and so far I haven't missed the frame rate too much. It also feels great - heavy study and well built! The AF system is great too - nice having all the AF points!

Friday, 20 May 2011

Wag on a Wire

and some sticks...

I've been putting in a fair bit of time recently at some local farmland. I've built up a little collection of perches and the yellow wagtails are normally quite obliging (providing the wind is down)