Tuesday, 25 October 2011

A Few Re-Edits

I've re-edited a few old files...

hope you like!

Monday, 17 October 2011

Purple Patch

I recently spent 3 days birding in Norfolk, mainly chasing rarities but we did stumble across a few confiding migrants.

One day was spent walking to the end of Blakeney point. Any of you who have done this will know that it is man’s greatest physical endurance test!! (ahem)

Anyway, we weren’t having much luck on the rarities front so decided to go and see the seals! Whilst at the point I scan a group of flying Sanderling only to see that they had a friend with them – a purple sandpiper.

They have to be one of my favourite waders because they are both very photogenic and very confiding. This individual was unusually flighty when it was with the Sanderling but it eventually left them and flew in right next to me where I enjoy a long period of time photographing it having a feed on the shoreline, enjoy….

And to top it off we jammed into a Richard's pipit on the walk back!!