Saturday, 11 July 2009

Insects at chicksands wood

took a trip to chicksands wood looking for white admiral, purple emporer and white letter hair streak. We saw 2 of the hope for species but missedd out on the emporer.


Comma and it's larvae:Small Skipper:Large Skipper:Speckled Wood:White letter hairstreak:Large White:Gatekeeper:
Other insects:

Longhorn beetle:Weird flies that look as if they were wearing ice hocky masks:Common Darter:As well as the butterflies photographed we saw small white, white admiral, ringlet. Also brown hawker.

This gives us 10 species of butterfly which we were very happy with.


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Steve Plummer said...

Hi Dan,

I think that your 2 masked flies are Sicus ferrugineus, which have a fascinating life cycle to look up!

Best wishes,

Steve Plummer.