Sunday, 26 July 2009

moth pics from last few nights trapping

Hi all,

I decided to lug the car battery and moth trap into the depths of Arlesey nature reserve late on Friday which was hard work and I wondered if it would pay off. After getting up at 7am on the Sat to go and check it (hoping it had not been damaged by someone!!) I realised all the hard work had payed off!! Again I'm not sure on some of the IDs but here goes:

Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow underwing:Early Thorn:Boardered Beauty:Clouded Boarder:Chocolate tip:Scalloped Oak:Common Wainscot:Shaded Broad-bar:and the star of the show, a stunning poplar hawkmoth:The ones I couldn't ID (names will be inserted as I find out!):

1: Dark Arches:2: Single-dotted Wave3: Straw Underwing.4: Pale Prominant:On the walk back there were butterflies all over the place, the freshly emerged painted ladies were lovely:Comma:Hoverfly shadow on a large white:A tatty 5 spot burnet:And these Roesel's Bush-crickets, although my book states they are confined to the south east so I may be wrong..?:I also set the trap in my girlfriends garden in henlow and caught many rustic agg. as well as the following:

Scarce Footman:Star of the show here was a lovely Canary-shouldered thorn:
Really catching the mothing bug - it's great fun and I'm learning a lot!



The Early Birder said...

Super series Dan. Well done. Frank

Andy Banthorpe said...

Hi Dan,
Unid moths:-
1=Dark Arches
2=Single-dotted Wave
3=Marbled minor agg.
4=Pale Prominent - always sits like this looking like a dead stick.

Other id's:-
Not common Footman by Scarce Footman
Not Auguat Thorn but Canary-shouldered Thorn.
Andy B

Steve Lavington said...

Great shots of the poplar hawkmoth and canary shouldered thorn - cool looking moths!

Nature ID said...

Those car batteries get a bit heavy, no? Wonderful pictures of moths! Thanks for sharing.