Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Lakeside (no mealy), but a Jack Snipe and some pics.


Simon Ingram told us about a mealy redpoll at Lakeside (cheers Simon!), we have been trying to find one there for a while and looking at the Simon’s photo we knew this one would stand out if we could locate it, It was a classic female one.

Unfortunately on our visit we struggled to find any redpoll in the first hour as there was lots of ‘gardening’ going on and we fail to locate the mealy L.

However we did flush a jack snipe whilst try for photos of the Reed Buntings:

World’s worst JS photo (but you can see the very short bill):
Reed Bunt:Few other shots from today:
Mallard:Meadow Pipit:Courting CGGrebes: Coot:
Great Crested Grebe reflection:
And some shots from Eyeworth pond the other day (more from here are on my flickr, link on the right hand side of blog!).
Curious Marsh Tit:
House Sparrow (sorry about what I caught him doing..):


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