Monday, 23 March 2009

the haven and southsea

Lovely sunny day on sunday.
Firstly in Gosport looking for the ring-billed gull, but no sign :-(. There was a nice summer plum med gull though:
Next we had a quick look for the black redstart in gosport, but no sign either.
From here we went to Southsea castle in Portsmouth to see the purple sands.
These did not disappoint with lovely close views in really nice light, there were at least 15 present untill some delightful little child scared them off....
There are more pics of the P sands on my flickr as I took hundreds!(link on the right of blog)
Also there was a nice rock pipit feeding on the rocks:
And a singing dunnock on the way back to the car:
We then went to Titchfield haven.
saw 3 different butterfiles which was a nice remminder that it is spring!
Speckled Wood:
We couldn't find the gargany but perhaps did not walk far enough south on the canal path, great weather and lots of nice birds, with pleanty of chiffchaffs calling.
All the best,


Billy said...

Everyone seems to be seeing butterflies in the last few weeks! Great shots of the P sand. I know that beach in front of southsea castle like the back of my hand, i have been wanting to see those sandpipers for ages! Im jealous ;)

Daniel Trim said...

cheers Billy,

you should get down there as I'm sure they'l leave for the summer. just approach slowly staying low and they didn't seem to mind too much. well worth the visit! I'll be keen to see your shots when you go there :-).

All the best,