Sunday, 15 March 2009

keyhaven and acres down

Fantastic day today at Keyhaven then later on at Acres Down.

A few nice spring migrants.

Started at Keyhaven where there were lots of black-tailed godwhits:

Some other waders as well including dunin, redshank, spotted redshank, greenshank, snipe and oystercatcher..
Had lovely views a really slate coloured water pipit.

Duck numbers have defiantly gone down, but still plenty of pintail, teal, mallard, tufties and shoveler:Lapwings were displaying a lot which was nice:At Hurst spit there was a very vocal rock pipit that was quite approachable:We then went on to Acres down.

When walking across to the heath we heard a call that was unfamiliar and looked up to see a lovely WILLOW TIT calling. It has a very extensive black throat and checking the call with a CD I have it was defiantly one, great start and only my second ever willow tit!!

Other highlights from here included lots of stonechat pairs calling. 2 Peregrine. 3 hawfinch which was a bit of a surprise.

Best of all here was a lovely female wheatear which I crawled up to
In order to get pics:She was very successful catching flies from the air which was fantastic to watch in the afternoon sunshine.

It was a very nice day and we racked up almost 80 species


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