Sunday, 22 February 2009

wild Goose chase and jeep club

I was going to a place near Sevenoaks in Kent today to meet with my dad and go off-roading in our crazily customised jeep wrangler. I thought I would set off early and pop in and see the White-fronted geese at Tundry Pond in north Hampshire on route.

Was a bit of a struggle to find access to Tundry Pond as I don’t know the area. I’m still not sure if I was aloud to be there but I got nice views of the white-fronted and Egyptian geese:
WFG:Nice comparison between 2 of WF and a Greylag:EG:Finally what I was going out for in the first place. Had a great time off-roading, taking the jeep through some very deep muddy pools, I took it round the course once which was great but jumped out whilst my dad went round and took some pics:I know it’s not wildlife by hey ho; it’s still going on the blog as it was great fun!



Ashley Howe said...

cracking birds them geese, check out my blog


Jackie Champion said...

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Charity said...

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