Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Gosport and 'The Haven'

Started the day at Walpole Lake in Gosport for my 4th try for the Ring-Billed Gull, and finally connected! Awesome lifer and a very charismatic bird, I will be visiting him again!

From here we decided to go and see if the Black Redstart north of the Millennium Bridge was still present. On getting there we have a look about and there was no sign of it for about 15 minutes, thinking that the reason it had not been reported for so long was because it was gone we decided to leave for the Haven and try for the two drake scaup. Just as we were about to cross the bridge something caught my eye and there he was the stunning summer plum male Black Redstart, what a lovely bird. He was feeding mainly on the buildings and it was hard to get as close as I wanted but got some shots I am pleased with:

Another fella I will revisiting at some point.

On to Titchfield Haven where we connected with both drake scaup. Not great views as they were waiting to be fed.

A Female Pochard was feeding on the river aswel:Good few year ticks and a lifer (RBGull), was a casual but fun birding trip!

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