Thursday, 19 February 2009


Original plan for today was to go and see the red kites and the rough legged buzzard near Faccombe.
This backfired horribly with a heavy night out last night and not getting to sleep until around 4:30. Robbie and myself were up around 7 and VERY tired, but there was no sign of Sam, he was dead to the world having slept through his alarm. Robbie and I went back to our beds for more sleep and at around 10 we were finally ALL ready to leave. By now due to other engagements there was not enough time for the RLBuzz so instead we went to see the Long-Eared owl at farlington marshes.

This was good for me as It would be a lifer (and for Sam and Robbie too). RLBuzz would not have been as I saw one last year at Burnham in Norfolk, although it was rubbish views!

Success, the owl was showing really well, heavily cropped image as I did not want to get too close, and another case of needing an 800mm lense….
I must thank the people of hos emailing group for directions to this bird, we found it straight away thanks to a detailed descritption and helpful photos of the area.
There were plenty of other things to see around the reserve, highlights:

We saw 2 water rail, here is one of them:Lots of Brent as usual:Seem to be loads of Shelduck:We had some avocet but a V.Long way away.
Nice Light on this coot:
I have now seen all the common(ish) British owl species :-).
Here are a few shots from keyhaven and barton the other day that I forgot to post:
Short Eared Owl:

Kestrel looking out to sea, seawatching perhaps?!Slav Grebe:Rock Pipit:Mipit:Singing Robin:Keeeeep birding


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