Thursday, 30 April 2009

Is the collared fly enough?

With the crested lark turning up in dungeness and my friend from home, eddie, going to see it I was left with a painful decision; stay and do the work I REALLY need to do and save the petrol I REALLY need to save or go for it an get my second mega lifer in as many days!!

Well I decided to trust my head and not my heart; something I rarely do!!
So here I am learning about transgenic plants whilst I hear the bird was showing 'brilliantly' :-(..hopefully I'm securing a 2.1 in my degree at least...!

Collared fly may not be as rare, but it's cooler, in my opinion, :-P so I shall rest easy in the hope that global warming will mean more of these scruffy haired skylarks end up on our shores and I get another day..

Now to turn the heating on full and open all the windows; just doing my bit... ;-)...sorry robbie!

A depressed but content Dan

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