Wednesday, 29 April 2009


News broke yesterday of a collard flycatcher at portland but details were a little sketchy, probably because it was in someones back garden.

However today after getting back from my lectures I saw it was viewable frmo the road, so after some gentle pressure on the guys we headed over to see it.

On the way a pied fly was reported nearby aswell, this is a bogy bird for me so I was very excited by this point.

After breaking the land speed record with Sam as my co-driver and Robbie for emotional back up we arrive to find a decent crowd of people:(Crowd pics from Sam White: well worth a look!)

The bird was visable right away and what a bid it was!!!! Stunning and a lovely male aswell, after shooting off a few recordshots of the bird I just watched it, working the tree and 'flycatching', it was fantastic!! right here are some EXTREMELY dodgy record shots:They don't do the bird justice but the view I had through I very kind blokes scope did!!

Happy with our views we went in search of the pied fly at reap lane, but no luck :( dip again with the pied :(. there was a steady trickle of swallows going past and heading north the whole time. the depression of missing another pied fly was nothing a quick trip back to see the collard couldn't sort out. After seeing it again we headed home, via a Morrisons salad bar, with smiley faces!

The next bit seems a little silly...
I have now seen spotted fly (obviously) ('phonescoped' hence bad quality as I didn't have my Dslr then):red-breasted fly (bedfordshire) and collard fly....but NO pied fly..when will I ever see one?!?

Great day with the team



Edward Taylor said...

Awesome pics mate! Collared Fly is defo much better looking than Crested Lark. Brilliant tick!

Marcus Conway said...

We have loads of pied fly's up here - send us a collared please!
Nice blog.