Sunday, 25 April 2010

maiden voyage of the MV...

what a hawl!! 35 moths of 17 species (with a micro yet to be IDed)...

Early Grey x 8
Hebrew Character x 6
Early Thorn x 1
Chocolate-tip x 1
Powdered Quaker x 1
common quaker x 3
small quaker x 2
muslin moth x 1
Brindled pug x 2
Double-striped pug x 1
clouded drab x 3
waved umber x 1
mullein x 1
Herald x 1
yet to be ID micro x 1
brown house moth x 1
nut tree tussock x 1

herald:muslin:waved umber:powdered quaker:mullein:Chocolate-tip:
let's hope this is the sign of things to come with my new MV trap...


Matt Burgess said...

Left me for dead mate- must be the 'lucky' perspex!!!

Daniel Trim said...

haha, I think that was it! I'll have to get some more from you!

it was an exciting hawl but I still have a long way to go to match your garden list, mines only at 19!!