Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Barcelona bits and bobs

Although I wasn't there to bird I still managed to see 37 species from within the City in 4 days.

House Sparrows were very common as with everywhere I seem to go on Holiday:Whilst walking around the parks hummingbird hawk moths were fairly common but only one gave me a brief window to take a rubbish photo:Siskin and Serin where pleantiful in the parks:I only saw one lizard:Sardinian Warblers were calling everwhere there was a bit of scrub but they never really came out into the open, hence this mess:Yellow legged Gulls were very common as expected but I did get a glimpse of a black headed gull in one park...exciting stuff ey?
White wags frequented most open areas but they were very flighty:Star bird was an EXTREMELY confiding purple gallinule at the aquarium:

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Razboynik said...

37 species in 4 days is impressive.
I don't see Sparrows any more. They seem to have disappeared...