Sunday, 10 January 2010

Urban Thrushes, a Whooper and a nice goose

Ed and I took a mini twitch to see the white fronted goose at Broom today - took a quite a few very cold minutes to get on to it and after it was located we enjoy distant but nie views - great stuff!

Also in there was a Barnacle gooose and after a while the whooper swan flew in. Here is a rubbis record shot, it really was a wintery scene: On the drive back we stumbled upon a massive flock of buntings and finches, containing predominantly yellowhammers but also corn buntings and reed buntings. Was a nice sight but as with everything at the mo you can't help but feel bad for what they are going through.

After this Ed and I sat in our cars by a berry filled bush and, despite the strange looks from some Civilians, enjoyed photographinh the winter thrushes attacking it (there are more pics on my flickr);

Fieldfare:Redwing:OK this one was flashed but it shows the lovely colours on the bird:Also visiting this small bush were song thrush, mistle thrush and blackbird - all the common winter thrushes -laaaavly



Alcester nature photography. said...

Really superb shots.
Cheers Colin.

Andrew said...

Wonderful photos!

Razboynik said...

Hi Dan, great blog.
I've just started birdwatching again after a 25 year hiatus, and decided to keep a blog. I would really appreciate a link on your blog. I've got your blog listed already.