Saturday, 9 January 2010

Snowy Stroll around Arlesey

A casual walk round Arlesey didn't produce what I hoped for but it was lovely to see some local birds that I wasn't expecting.

I started off the day heading back out to where I had seen lots of thrushes whilst dropping the missus to work. Redwing, fieldfare, blackbirds, songthrush and mistle thrush - I managed 2 decent-ish shots of a redwing and blackbird because they were rather flightly;Was nice to see so many but you can't help but feel sorry for what they are going through - keep your bird feeders full everyone!

After breakfast at home I noticed a pied wagtail in the garden so decided to cover the lawn in mealworms and nuts and lie down in the snow with the camera and wait - it didn't take long for it to come back:After a little while another wag came in and they engaged in a pretty hostile fight; all of which I bloody missed with the camera as it was so fast...well right up untill one had pinned the other in the snow behind the bird table:
After all this excitment Ed and I decided to take a walk down Arlesey Nature Reserve in hope of seeing water rail and kindfisher - both of which escaped us!

highlights were however:

15+ snipe feeding in the unfrozen ground near the river.
Grey Wagtail
Kestrel and Sprawk
Highlight for Ed- a Horse biting my head when I was trying to photograph the Grey Wag!

here are some record shots:Water from the weir was splashing the overhanging trees and freezing producing an impressive sight:All the best,


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