Monday, 25 May 2009


Finally caught up with a new forest nightjars, or as my non-birding house mate thought they were called 'nightrags', last night.

endured all the 'orrible biting flies (and there were loads) whilst hearing alot of puring and getting a brief flash of a woodcock after picking up it's call. Snipe were also heard displaying and tawney owls were calling in several directions.

At about 10pm just as we were giving up we heard the squark of a nightjar in flight and looked up to see the bird gliding over to where there were several purrrrrrrrrring. after a little while we heard the wing clapping of a displaying male which was fantastic!!

No pics of the bird im affraid, was too dark!
Another highlight was watching house martins collecting mud, but light was rubbish at this point so nothing good :-(:All the best!

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Billy said...

You must have pretty good hearing to hear a bird clapping it's wings- I didn't even know birds could do that?!
Keep up the good work!