Monday, 29 December 2008

Christmas Wildlife

Here are a few shots from when I stayed at my Aunties in Woking, nothing spectacular but was nice to see a grey wag when on the post 'face stuffing' lunch walk. It felt as though everything was grey...

GREY Heron:
GREY Squirrel (possesed by the devil):

Stopped in at Stevenage on the route home hoping to see the Waxwings again, and brighten up all the 'greyness'. Taking my mum on her first 'twitch', even if it was only a small one!!

Bring on 09 birding and my second year list, looks like I'l finish this year on 204, not bad considering I'm at Uni most of the time so busy alot and can't afford to spend ££££ on petrol, although it is very tempting sometimes!!

Merry Christmas and a happy, bird filled, new year!

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