Thursday, 26 July 2012


I've been to the Farnes twice this year now and what a great place it is!
I first went in June when breeding was well underway and there was loads of activity on Inner Farne! The second time was mid July and the island had changed a lot by then, juv arctic terns on the wing and with the puffins mainly on the sea around the island. Here is a selection of photos from both trips, don't forget to click on them for a bigger view!

I've heard about the arctic tern aerial attack and was still surprised when I received a direct hit to the head walking up past the first building!!
 Quite liked this one, apologies to the chap who's permission I didn't seak to use this photo...
 The display is brilliant and they were still feeling flirty in July! 

 Some more wide stuff...
They were always busy bringing food back for their young;

Some of the supporting cast around the island and around Seahouses;



Rock Pipit;

And who can forget the Tommy Noddies...

Great subjects on the islands, just one problem! Opening hours! You unfortunately can't get there at first light or stay until sunset. Hopefully that is where Shetland next year can help...


Christian said...

Fantastic quality Daniel. I especially like the brown Eider (presume female). Superb composition and colours.

JRandSue said...

Amazing collection,superb.

Daniel Trim said...

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and comment guys :)

Christian, yup she's a female - we thought they were just a nice as the males!

thanks again...

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