Thursday, 25 March 2010


I have started making a mains powered MV moth tra and tested out the electrics for the first time last night - WOW!! I have forgotten how bright MVs are. Just need to get the box fuly made and then tst it out in some nice muggy conditions!

still using my 15w portable actinic heath trap:

last night's catch was better still with 7 individuals:

1 - Hebrew Character
1 - Emmelina monodctyla
1 - Dotted Boarder
2 - Common Quaker
2 - Clouded Drab

here a few pics from the lodge and my catchings;

Common Quaker:Yellow Horned Moth (it looks like a sleeping cat in the last one):Un-IDed catterpiller:Early Grey:Frog (not caught in the trap!!):Arty Zebra Spider:



Matt Burgess said...

That's a Yellow Horned Dan! I have still yet to trap it so far this year.......I caught 3 Early Grey last night, 1 turned up just after our phone call.



Daniel Trim said...

argh that was a complete typo I haven't added in my early grey photos yet - that'll teach me for blogging before work! I'm not that terrible at ID-ing moths...

Ed seems excited about the prospect of a Matt-made moth trap!

cheers for the advise last night,