Sunday, 14 February 2010

40D's last trip out......

On Saturday I took the 40D out for it's fairwell trip before the arrival of the very exciting 7D!!!

Started at Salthouse and after driving through sleet and snow on the way I wasn't too confident about the weather! Still it was OK giving a a few patches of lovely sunshine and the rain showers intervals happened to be when I was in my car stocking up on food!...

Snow Buntings:A little attempt at wide angle and I managed to scare away possibly the most confiding birds in Norfolk:Finally managed some teal shots I'm hapy with too (during one of the sunny spells):and a pied wag came for a pose:A ringedd plover was also there but I only managed this record:Common Gull having a bath:With nasty looking clouds rolling in I decieded to go to Tichwel but on the way it became very sunny again, staying that way for a little while when I was there:

Sanderling:out of focus Bar-tailed godwit:Knot:better records of the mealy redpoll:As I was leaving the sun came out again as I was watching a barn owl hunting - lovely stuff.
It was still a fair bit out of my lense's range so I have attempted something with more space in it:I quite like this one, it's just a shame about the branch in the forground:Had a quick stop at chosely drying barns and saw corn buntings and yellow hammmer on the way home:


Razboynik said...

Lovely photos.

JRandSue said...

Outstanding Images,outstanding Blog.
lots to like.

Matt Latham said...

Cracking work dan - love the Teal. Got my 7D out for the first time this weekend just gone - you will not be dissapointed!

Daniel Trim said...

thanks Razboynik and JRandSue.

thanks to Matt. glad you were happy with yours. your photos were great before so I shall look forward to seeing an improvement! :-)

thanks again all,