Saturday, 26 September 2009

A not so rude awakening

I was looking forward to my first sleep in for over a month when the phone rang just before 9am (I know, not that early really!) and it was Ed saying that there was a leach's petrel at Stewartby lake.

WOW what a great tick that would be for beds, for life and for the year; not to mention a great bird in general to see! So I put my bins on THEN my clothes and rushed to the end of the drive where Ed picked me up.

When we arrived people were still watching the bird sitting on the water a long way out. We enjoyed nice views through the scope but insisted on waiting untill the bird flew. Eventually it did after being harassed by the local gulls and performed superbly.

These are the worst pics ever but the bird was a fair way away:
Great start to the weekend and lets hope we get some more excitment in Norfolk tomorrow!


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