Saturday, 11 October 2008

Farlington Fantastica!!

First trip to Farlington Marshes today and now I've realise it is so close I'am sure I will be going more often...especially after today!!

Main target was the wryneck and it had been seen finders were crossed! When we arrived it had just gone out of site and was not seen again for some time.

Feeling depressed especially as it seemed little bird life at all was there I practised with my lense on an abiding robin before I was told the wryneck had been relocated further along the sea wall...thanks to Dave Wallace for the heads up! Waiting only a few seconds there it was on a post about 20 feet away, not really expecting to see it I didnt have my camera set up (lesson to be learnt) but who cares, my first wryneck!! Get in!! Enjoyed prolonged views of it on and off for several hours with other goodies keeping us all entertained when it was rummaging around for ants out of site.
Few pics of the wryneck:

Whilst waiting for the wryneck to re-appear we had good views of merlin hunting small passerines and a distant view of an osprey eating a fish across Langstone Harbour. Lots of other goodies too and, after a very slow start, it turned out to be a fantastic days birding! Few other photos from the trip:

Dragonfly sp..not sure which..?:

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